Being An Adult

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Being an Adult.....
Current mood: confused

Sometimes in life I think that we are all faced with decisions that somehow will affect the rest of our lives. As I sit here on the couch....with sex and the city on tv in front of me........and the laptop on my lap......I'm faced with a move or not to move. I have the opportunity to move to where my sister lives. My rent would be ridiculously cheap......and I'd have an immidiet job.....but something that is actually holding me back is my sexuality. Living where I live it is hard enough to meet other have an actual adult and meaningful relationship.....Im not going to lie...I had that with Julie...and I miss it everyday.....but now once again I am alone. And to be real honest I'm learning to be okay with that again. Does this mean that I am simply going to accept it and not someday be with someone I know that eventually I'll heal....and at some point I'll feel ready for another relationship....and if I do move I'll be in a very small town. One that as far as I can tell.....has no lesbians in it. lol So although I think that for myself it might be for the best.........I'm not sure that relationship wise it would be very smart. It's just one of those many decisions that I guess I'll have to make in life. I'm going to be 28 years old on Sunday....and I wonder if this is it for me? Is this my life? From now on is this it? Ugh...sometimes I hate being an adult.....

Currently listening :
How Come You Don’t Call Me
By Alicia Keys
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