A Childs Love

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Childs Love
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There's a certain type of love that as much as I'd like to think I
understand, I'll never truly know. "Until you have a child, you will never
know this kind of love. It's deeper than anything you ever knew you
could feel. It's deeper and different than the love you have for your
soul mate. It's unexplainable..........

I try not to think about kids too much....my really close friends know why. I don't think about them.....it's just easier that way.

However when I see someone that is a WONDERFUL parent.....that has stepped up to the plate time and time again.....that has gone far beyond their responsibilities to take care of children being shot down......it pisses me off.

When I know of so many children that are treated like shit.....that aren't lucky enough to have both parents around, it makes me so sad. Then I meet these amazing people that take more kids in than most people will ever think about. Take my great aunt for example.....she raised her 3 kids.....and my dad....and aunt.....and two uncles.....then my cousin Selena....my brothers...me.....and she's had my now 16 year old cousin since he was 10 months old. And she's 64. She's one of those amazing people that will do whatever it takes to save what I call the 'lost' children.

Then you have people like a friend of mine that has four children already...with a fifth on the way....and she doesn't have custody of a single one of them......and she finds this to be ok. I don't get it. I have friends that would move heaven and earth to take care of their kids.....and then I know people that just don't care.

How does any of this make sense? I dunno....it really doesn't. But what I guess this is all about is that I don't understand how some people can take their own kids for granted........how does this make sense?

A childs love is the most precious thing in the entire world. One smile from my nephews can brighten my entire day....and when I see a child hurting....it breaks my heart.

How is it possible for anyone with a heart to see a child hurting......even if not physical pain.....emotional pain is just as bad.......and not do something to stop it?

Enough ranting. I'm done for now.......still not even sure what brought this on tonight. Just needed to rant and rave as usual...............

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