Cliche Kind Of Love

Cliche' Kind of Love

Every cliche' I have ever heard about love
Says when you find it with the right one
It will fit you just like a glove
You think the run around is finally done
You try to take everything slow
Hopeful that doing so will make it last
Feeling your love for them begining to grow
Simply wishing it won't end like the ones in the past
Ups and downs come with the territory
Trust and understanding will help you make it
While you pray the ending is out of a fairy tale story
Love is worth the work on that you can bet
Although only if you get it back
You don't want to be left in out in the cold
Feeling like there is something you lack
So go ahead get brave, be bold
Let your emotions show
Don't sit back and not do a thing
Letting them bend, break, and bow
If you are lucky maybe one day you will get the ring

Nicky Brookhart

Copyright �2006 Nicky Brookhart


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