Couple Bad Nights

Friday, March 21, 2008


Sometimes i wish that i didn't have to deal with this pain. That there was some other way....that i didn't hurt.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleep......where have you gone?........

I'm back into my habit of not sleeping. And it sucks ass. I'm tired. Exhausted. So so so so worn out. Just want to sleep. And yet..........i can't Blah.

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Monday, March 17, 2008 know there's trouble....

I'm sitting here on my couch....doodling....which in itself is crazy. I don't doodle. My mind is racing. Too many thoughts. Too many things going through my head. Just thinking. How do we allow ourselves to let other people affect the way we feel and think? Just wondering. It's crazy really. I don't know how i allow this to happen. I know better. Really i do. Blah. I hate giving anyone any type of control over my emotions. Especially when I've fought so hard to get total control of my life back. So go away. Get out. Leave me alone. I'm tired of you thinking you have any rights in my life. Because you don't. None. I left. It's done. Over. Finished. I'm tired of the mind games. We aren't children. We are adults. I'm almost thirty. This is stupid. Dumb. Ignorant. It's over. Move on. Not out of meaness or spite. I want you to just move on....because i have. Go. Be happy....i'm ready to be happy with my life. You need to go be happy with your own. This is my life. My choice. Quit judging my choices. My life. My sexuality. It's not up to you. I am who i am. You are who you are. Why can't we simply agree to disagree? You don't have to agree with the way i live my life. I'm not asking for that. I respect how you choose to live your life......why can't you do the same? Please. I'm done with this. Blah.


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