I have always been reluctant about having a myspace profile. But then I finally gave in because it was a way to keep in touch with my freinds that I don’t always keep in contact w/ like I would like too. But then when I really started to analyze why I had such a big hang up with myspace, I came to realized that I do not want to have to define myself. As well as I believe I have come to know who I am, I also know I have many dimensions and I am constantly learning something new everyday. When you really think about it that’s the beauty of life, we are constantly growing and changing everyday. So hopefully through our life experiences we do not become stagnant. Life is about experiences and basically, it comes down to what we do with these experiences. It’s about the CHOICES we make. So I have come to conclude that our actions truly define us in the end not a profile.

That or maybe as dad says I just dont like to conform....who knows....


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