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onday, July 31, 2006

Boredom Made Me Do It
Category: Quiz/Survey

What Would You Do If...
Your (opposite sex) best friend confessed that they were in love with you?Fall over dead
You found yourself sexually attracted to (but don't have feelings for) someone you consider just a friend?been there done that
You suddenly realized that you have feelings for a friend?been thee done that
You were offered a million dollars to never have any contact with the person you are in love with forever?no way jose
Have You Ever...
Had a friend with benefits?yea
Had a one night stand?no
Left a restaraunt without paying?no
Used being drunk as an excuse for having sex?no
Ran a red light?yea
Stolen your parents car?no
Had a bf/gf that your parents didn't approve of?yea
Person (not related to you) that you kissed?hmmmmmmmm
Person you called?Travis
Thing you thought about?more pain pills.lol
Person you were mad at?Sean
Time you took a shower?this morning
Person (not related to you) that told you they love you?Erica
Gift you recieved?Engagement Ring
Random Thoughts...
What inspires you?Life, Brothers, Dad
What do you think of the person who took this survey before you?Dunno them
What possesed you to even bother with this survey?boredom
Do you like scary movies?yea
If you were really drunk and puking, would your best friend hold your hair back for you?yea
What do you think about the person who made this survey?dunno
Aren't you glad it's finally done? HELL YES!!!!
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number o things

3 places you have beenTexas, Virginia, Colorado
1 hobbieWriting Poetry
5 foods you likeFried Chicken, Mexican, Chinease, Thai, All American
5 foods you hateOkra, Thats it
5 friends you haveErica, Rena, Nette, Mike, Sean
2 stupid things you have donelike I'm gonna put that on here
4 things you can not live withoutFriends, Family, Pets. Air, Water.lol
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Completely Random Survey

General Stuff
BirthdayNovember 18th, 1979
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Single, In a relantionship, not sure, or friends w/benefitssingle
Phone CallTravis
Text MessageTravis
Thing u saidfuck my back hurts
Thing u didtook a tylenol 3.lol
Thing u IMedhey bitch
Thing u atefetticini
Person u hung out withTiffani
Song u listened tooMoving on
Movie u saw/watchedThe family stone
PartyFriday night at frillmans
Time u rode a busdon't remember
Bf/Gflast one was shanne
Thing u drankwater
What color of shirtred
What are ur bottomscapris
What color are theykahki
What color is ur underwareblue
What does ur hair look likeponytail
Glasses?sposed to
If yes to jewelry what kind?ring with N
What sorrt of make up?none
Are ur fingernails painted?yeah
Have u ever...
Made out with jsut a friendyea
Sat on a rooftopyea
Kiss two people in the same dayyea
Did some kind of illegal drugno
Kissed someone of the same sexyea
Had sexyea
Flashed Someoneyea
Played Strip Pokeryea
Got drunkyea
Gone Skiining Dipppingyea
Danced in the rainyea
Kissed in the rainyea
Done anything illegalyea
Failed a classnope
Been close to deathyea
Done something u regretyea
Skipped a class/schoolyea
Had a bf/gfyea
Been kissedyea
Been in loveyea
if u have with who?nunya
Snuck outyea
Ice creamChocolate
FoodFried Chicken, Mexican, Chinease
Celebrityhmmmm.....Drew Barrymoore I think
StoreOld Navy, Kohls, Fashion Bug, lol I could go on and on
AIM saying
Thing to doRead, Chill
ThingFamily, Friends
FriendAll of them
GameSims Bustin out
SongMovin On
BandRascall Flatts, Eminem
Kind of MusicBlues, Jazz
Are u in loveI was
Do u like someoneyea
When was the last time u kissed someonehmmmmmmm
Who do u likenunya
Who do u live withmyself and my dog and my cat and my fish.lol
Who are ur best friendsErica, Rena, Annette, Tiff, Heather and Heather
Who are u going out withnobody
Song ur currently listening tonone
What are u doing tomorrowworking YUCK
What did u do todaylaid in bed
What kind of game system, if any do u haveGame Cube
Who are u talknig to on AIMno one
Do u like cheeseyea
Whats ur fav pizzapepperoni
Is ur room messyyea
Where are uHome
What does ur Myspace name meanjust what it says
Who choose ur real nameDad
Whats the thing u enjoy the mostAlone time
Ever watched the starsyea
Got hyperyea
Fav drinkDr Pepper or Tea
Do u like ur lifefor the most part
Do u like where u liveyea
WHo do u hateno 1
Ever had stiches or a broken bone or something removed from ur bodyyea
Whats the crazziest thing u have done?nunya
Say a inside joke between u and a friendnope
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Let it be known
Current mood: calm
Category: Quiz/Survey

3)Do you still celebrate your birthday?:On Ocassion
Do You?
4)Got a job?:Of course
5)If so, do you enjoy it?:most of the time
6)Smoke or drink?:yes to drinking
7)Go riding around town, or stay around the house usually?:both
8)Have any enemies or "haters"?:some
9)Lke being who you are?:more than I used to
On A Date....
10)Your at dinner, half-way through your meal your date riches for his/her wallet, but suddenly realized they have forgotten it, what do you do?:hope like hell I have mine.lol
11)On the first date, he/she leans in for a kiss, what do you do?:depends on the person
12)Are you yourself, or do you hide a few things?:hide a few things
Have you ever?
13)Ate a peanut-butter and banana samdwhich?:yea
14)Pee'd on a dirt-road?:yea
15)Got drunk on a school night?:yea
16)Said "I love you" but wasn't so sure?:yea
17)Made plans with someone, but lied to get out of them to do something else?:yea
Did You?
18)Like this survey?:I guess
19)Answer honostly?:yes
20)Know who made this?:no
>Let It B Known<<">Take this survey / PimpSurveys.com

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Current mood: pissed off
Category: Life

Okay so here I fucking sit in pain and not even able to walk....I am crying because the two tylenol 3's that I took at 9am are not even helping and Idon't wanna take too much. I pulled my damn back out somehow and I'm not even sure how yet. I believe it was two things combined....the fact that I lifted my damn Chow up into the tub to give him a bath and then the fact that I got a window unit and put it in the damn window...by myself....Not the best idea....SHITFUCKDAMCOCKSUCKER

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A Lil more about me.....
Current mood: uncomfortable
Category: Life

what do you wanna know?...how i'm an easy target to let people walk all over me and once i finally let my walls down get screwed once again??!!

I'm not talented enough to be an artist, not peppy enough to be a cheerleader, too unemotional to be emo, not ghetto enough to be gangsta, I don't know enough about computers to be a geek, and don't wear enough makeup or black to be goth. I'm too friendly to be a hater, too clean to be a hippie, too conservative to be a hoochie, not articulate enough to be an intellectual, not athletic enough to be a jock, and I can't play guitar so I can't be a metalhead. I don't care enough about my looks and clothes to be metrosexual, I'm too different to be a prep, I'm definately not a princess, I don't have the piercings or hair of a punk, I'm too sophisticated to be redneck, and I'm not on enough drugs to be a rockstar. I haven't slept with enough people to be a skank, I'm not tough enough to be a soldier, I don't smoke weed so I can't be a stoner, I'm too smart to be the idiot, my police record is too clean to be a thug, and I don't write enough to be writer. SHIT, I'm screwed... I guess I'll never be able to fit in...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stressed and tired
Current mood: indescribable
Category: Life

I have a decision to make today and I'm not really sure what to do...if you read my last post called please pray then you know my gpa is really sick. They say he has lung cancer and that they needed to do surgery....now they are saying that it is inoperable. Partially to do with the fact that he has Parkinsons Disease, bad kidneys, and a bad heart. I am sitting here wondering how soon should I go. I need to see him, to talk to him, to make sure he knows that I love him, becaus eI wasn't able to be around him enough growing up. Then I think about the fact that I need to be strong for all my cousins/brothers, because Iam the oldest grandchild. I just dunno. I have already talked to work, and they say I can have off whenever I need to, just let them know....I have all that squared away....I think that I am scared to see him sick....I saw both of my parents mothers die from Cancer.....I don't want to watch this again...and then it scares me to think that this is now two of them with lung cancer....and he doesn't even smoke...scares me to think about what is growing in my chest....and I don't smoke either...i dunno just needed to ramble. Any advice would be appreciated I guess...

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

how long

how long is this supoposed to hurt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Isn't he supposed to stop calling me and yelluing at me and calling me names at SOME POINT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FUCK

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Monday, July 03, 2006

What was I thinking????
Current mood: blank
Category: Life

I let him come by last night.....thinking that we could talk like sensible adults....that is what both of us are supposed to be. RIght???? Anyway we had a HUGE fight and I went to bed crying again. He always knows just what to say to make me cry my eyes out and I hate that. I don't like that anyone has that kind of control over me!!!! So that means he cannot come here anymore. I can't keep doing this...........it hurts to much. This just isn't something that I can keep letting myself go through............


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