God Bless The Haters

God Bless The HATERS!

So I really have to say that I don't have time for little kids who want to send insults to my e-mail on myspace because they had nothing better to do. Great. How good for you, because it makes you look classy and intelligent......no really.

So sweet...you were on myspace with your little friends and know someone who thinks they know me(because knowing me and knowing OF me are different). There are few who ever even scratch the surface of who I am and what I'm really about. On the other hand I couldn't throw a quarter in any direction without hitting someone who thinks they have me figured out.

So yes. I am a ho. I'm a bitch. I'm a dirty slut. Call me every name you know. Insult my family. Talk shit about me to my friends. Send me an e-mail everyday just to let me know you think I'm a waste of air but remember while you do it that your actions are a reflection of who you are and your words will surely mirror who you are inside. If you are about drama then you will find it, if you hate then you will be hated, and if you're scandalous and a gossip then expect it to come back around.


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