Friday, August 31, 2007

My So Called Friends......AKA IGNORANCE!!!!
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I posted a bulletin this morning about the possibility of Gay Marraige in Iowa. WOW at the response I got from it. I all of a sudden got these messages from people that were supposed to be my friends................one of which that even said....and I quote....

"why would you even post that bulletin?????? they needa kill those fuckin fags! "

Now keep in mind that this is someone that I have considered a friend for years now!! I can't believe I got this message. I mean I realize that it's still a shock to many people.......I can't change who I am though. I don't know why someone who is supposed to be MY friend would send me a message like that?!?!?!?!? I mean it's not hard to figure out even if you don't know for 100% sure. HELLO!!! ANYBODY HOME IN THERE?!?!?!? Read my blogs....my bulletins......LOOK AT MY PAGE!!! I mean seriously.......how can you claim to be friends with someone and not even look at their page once in awhile....I understand if you are just adding random people or whatever BUT this is a person that is supposed to be my FRIEND! This is someone that has come to my home and hung out with me. And to be real honest for him to send me something like that this morning just really really shocked me. I can't believe it! This person is okay to come to my home....a "lesbians" home....hang out with em...drink a beer....watch a movie.....play with my animals and eat the supper I cooked.....but they can't accept Gay people? So I of course e-mailed him back....saying HELLO MORON!!! I dunno.........people and their ignorance astounds me still. I should be used to this by now.....Yet somehow I'm not. I don't know why it seems so hard for people to understand and accept. I've heard this same person say how cool it is for two girls to kiss.....but god forbid they actually be gay? I just wonder when the ignorance and closed minds will end??


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