Illinois Students Protest For Gay Rights

Illinois Students Protest for Gay Rights
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Illinois Students Protest School's Treatment of Gay Students

February 21, 2008

Illinois Students Protest School's Treatment of Gay Students

On the Monday of Presidents Day weekend, a group of students in Bellville, Illinois held a protest against the way gay students are treated in their District 201 high school.

The Belleville East High School students protested with chants and signs for three hours in 30-degree weather on the St. Clair County building grounds. One incident that sparked the protest was the administration's response to a skit performed at the school's annual "Mr. Lancer" pageant, which included a kiss between two boys. Belleville East's principal, David Kniepkamp, called the incident "an issue of taste" and asked that the two students who kissed on stage apologize.

Yet students say this is not the only incident of unfair treatment of gay students. One senior says the school leaders refuse to let the school newspaper publish letters to the editor about other issues concerning unfair treatment of gay students. Belleville East High currently does not have a Gay-Straight Student Alliance, but school officials are working with students to create one.

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"Belleville East students say gays at school face bias"

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Texas Pastor could be fired over endorsing Gay Rights!
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Forth Worth Baptist Church Considers Publishing Gay Couples in Directory

February 19, 2008

Broadway Baptist Church in Forth Worth, Texas faces division about allowing the pictures of three gay couples to appear in the church's 125th-anniversary directory.

One group called for the resignation of senior pastor, the Rev. Brett Younger, who called for an open dialogue about the issue. In response, 200 members drafted a letter in support of Younger. A congregational vote will take place on Sun., Feb. 24 to decide what course of action should be taken regarding the directory.

Younger called the recent controversy surprising, but said in the Feb. 13 edition of The Christian Post that it is also a "chance for our church to grow spiritually, to learn more about who we are and who we can be under God."

GLAAD's "Announcing Equality" toolkit recommends many ways that gay and lesbian couples can change the hearts and minds of friends, neighbors, and co-workers, including being out in local church communities.

Christian Post – Feb. 13, 2008
"Baptist Conflict Intensifies with Call to Oust Pastor"

Fort Worth Star-Telegram – Feb. 13, 2008
"Broadway Baptist group seeks ouster of pastor" – Feb. 13, 2008
"Battle for Broadway"

Dallas Morning News – Feb. 12, 2008
"Members of Fort Worth's Broadway Baptist Church call for pastor's firing"

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I KNEW there was a reason Barkley is my fav NBA Player!!!!
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NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley Speaks in Support of Marriage for Gay Couples

February 20, 2008

Former NBA All-Star and MVP Charles Barkley spoke about marriage equality on CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on February 17. While explaining his support for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, Barkley said that he was no longer a Republican and that he was a supporter of "gay marriage."

Barkley said that "Christian conservatives" want to be "judge and jury" on issues such as marriage equality and abortion rights. When Blitzer explained that Barkley's views might put himself at risk of negative feedback, Barkley reiterated his thoughts.

"I feel very comfortable saying I'm pro-choice and I'm for gay marriage. Very comfortable," said Barkley.

This is not the first time Barkley has come out in support of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. In August 2006, Barkley appeared on CMI: The Chris Myers Interview on Fox Sports Net and stated, "I think if they want to get married, God bless them."

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