Current mood: calm
Category: Life

Nerves in bundles
Hopes in jeopardy
Fears brought forward
Doing the right thing
with no reward
with no thought of thanks
only to be punished
no simple thank you
no surprise genorosity
why cant you leave it be
not asking for anything
not being a martyr
just wanting left alone
leave it be
stop more
didn't ask to be a part of this
not wanting to be involved at all
should've never said anything
everything in jeopardy
peril around the corner
how do you escape it
where do you go from here
does this end
i cease to be a part of it
i know i make mistakes
some worse than others
perfection is not a part of me
i can only do what i can do
i can only be what i am
simply put---me
denied who i was
fo so many years
finally found my inner strengthstriving for some sort of peace
doing all i can to survive for so long
refusing to not live anymore
after so long
relaiming my individuality
just being me
redeaming myself
just being
no more trying to survive
today is the day i claim my life
with or without you
im insanely living


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