Just Being there

Just being there....
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Category: Life

When you're hurting I just want to help you
When you're sad...i just want to make you smile....
Maybe hold you for a little while.
You give me comfort with nothing more than the sound of your voice
I wish I was able to do the same for you
To make you feel as amazing as you've made me
I want you to know you don't have to always be strong for me
That it's okay to be held...to be comforted....to be
You've shown me I don't always have to be in control
That someone is actually willing to be there for me
That I can finally just be
When I think of you.....
I think of how strong you are
I think of how gentle you are
Most people would say you cant be both strong and gentle
I would have to say that they don't know you
You have physical strength of course....
But so so much more
You are willing to help anyone...
No matter the cost to yourself......
Whether it's financial or emotional.....
Then there are your emotions....
Always in check.....because that's how you keep them
But babe....you don't always have to
You are always theere for everyone else....
Always the shoulder that everyone leans on
So let me be the one you lean on.....
The one that's there for you....
Let me


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