Lifes Poison

Current mood: cynical

why do we always find ourselves in toxic friendships? why do i always come out the bad person? why is it that i seem to have the "lost puppy disorder"? why am i always (hypothetically) dragging home lost souls in the attempt to save them, only to be torn down and told that im shit for caring about them? or even worse, accused of never caring to begin with. would i have (apparrently) wasted my time PRETENDING to care? you think this bullshit was my ultimate idea of an end result? or do you honestly believe that you can justify manipulating peoples feelings? just because you say your life sucks, and that everyone is out to get you, doesnt mean they really are. SOME people genuinely care for you, wether you choose to believe it or not. maybe your self-loathing has reached the point of no return, maybe you should just crawl back into the emotional hole you have created for yourself to "shield you from the world". WAKE UP! become a functioning member of society already! yeah, theres things about this life everyone hates, but youre here, so live it! quit wasting your life away waiting to be proven right, waiting for the big secret to be let out, "THE WORLD IS A STEAMING SHITPILE, AND IT DOESNT DESERVE MY UBER-SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS!" you only live once, so fucking LIVE! and, stop blaming me for the "life" you have ruined on your own. if you think such aweful things about me, then forget me. please. dont waste any more of the precious time i have. I DONT NEED A FRIEND LIKE YOU.



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