How can I tell you how I feel
i can never get close.
You are like the movie star who everyone wants to be near
and I am nothing
Looking into your soul i could see the real you but you dont see me.
but I turn into an admirer whose seat in the theater is close to the screen and I am not sure how I got there.
We used to talk, laugh, Lose control over lives possiblities for us.
Powerful acting to the way to make me feel as if I was there and if you are talking to me, but your not. You are talking to all of the other fans but me.
Trust is gained as quickly as it is lost....and i’ve lost urs.
Not loyal. Just in for the fame from others, thats okay because even though your famous, i still know the real you lives on. in my heart, in our bond. Make more films, laugh alot.
I wish i never hurt u....never lied to u,....never


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