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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Dr’s this morning.......
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So the dr today was no fun. I'm kinda wondering if there is some way to restart the day and not go to the dr. ok so I realize that's not an option. But I can wish all I want. anyways here we go.....I've had the following tests already....and since everyone has asked what they are here is what they are too.....

Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT or CT) Scan — A computerized axial tomography scan is more commonly known as a CAT or CT scan. It is a X-ray procedure that combines many X-ray images with the aid of a computer to generate cross-sectional views and, if needed, three-dimensional images of the internal organs and structures of the body. A large donut-shaped X-ray machine takes images at many different angles in the body. These images are processed by a computer to produce cross-sectional pictures. In each of these pictures the body is seen as an X-ray "slice" of the body, recorded on a film. This recorded image is called a tomogram. A CT scan is used to define normal and abnormal structures in the body.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan — A medical imaging technique that monitors metabolic, or biochemical, activity in the brain and other organs by tracking the movement and concentration of a radioactive tracer injected into the bloodstream. The technique uses special computerized imaging equipment and rings of detectors surrounding the patient to record gamma radiation produced when positrons (positively-charged particles) emitted by the tracer collide with electrons. It produces images that can be used to measure many vital processes, including glucose metabolism, blood flow and perfusion, and oxygen utilization. With these images, your doctor can identify normal and abnormal states.

I've also had blood test after blood test and a chest x ray which to me is pretty self explanatory. They have also done a sputum cytology............which basically they take ur spit/phlem and look at it under a microscope to check for cancer cells. Nice huh.

So the next step is a Bronchoscopy..........I'm not looking forward to having this done.......I'm going to have a freaking tube down my throat. Nice huh.

If they still can't get definitive answers as to what it is then I will have to have a needle biopsy done. I am not looking forward to that either. It would be this long ass needle put into my lungs. So basically at this point I am scared shitless.

I don't know what else to say about it right now......I'm freaked out. I mean what else am I supposed to say?

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Scared for a change..........needed to vent my ass off!!!!
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So I'm sitting here thinking about things tonight. Things that have been weighing on my mind. And for the first time in a long time I must admit that I am scared. Those of you that I am closest to constantly....already know what is going on. I've been sick for almost a month now....I was told it was a few different things....had blood tests and a chest biggie. I wasn't even stressing about it. I just assumed it was a really bad cold that I couldn't get rid of as quickly as normal. I guess I should have known better than to be positive. Many of you will remember April of 06 when the Dr found a tumor in my lung. Well I wasn't stressed about wasn't cancer. It was just there lieing dormant. Started out smaller than a dime...grew to the size of a nickel. And that was that. Well Thursday morning I got this call....from my new Dr. I figured it was just a call to see how I was feeling. Instead it was a call asking me to come back into the Dr's office that day. At 2. So I went. Turns out the freaking thing has grown again. It's now bigger than a quarter for a lack of a better comparison. So I spent from about 2 to after 7pm at the dr's office and the hospital getting test after test. My freaking arms look like pin cushions for those of you that were wondering what the bruises were from this weekend there you go. Now you know. Anyway moving on. I had more tests done on me in one day than I think I've had in my entire life. and in case you had any doubt....IT SUCKED ASS!!!! Anyways I am sposed to be back to the doctors office in the morning and I am scared shitless. I don't know what they are going to boils down to one it or isn't it cancer.......and if it is.....what can I do to fix it. I don't scare easily.......I don't stress over things. I don't let this shit bother me........but it really is right now. Once again I've totally learned who I can and can't count on. So to all of you that have been there for me this last week......Thank you a million times over. I couldn't ask for better friends. If I know nothing else in this world I know that at least I have some really great friends. I thank god for you all every day. But I guess I just really needed to vent. So that's that. Blah.

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