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Recent events.....

Sometimes things go too far....they get out of hand. Recently i found out that someone i considered a best friend's partner had been to another girls house. Had tried to kiss her. And so i told the friend. I tried to help the two girls get together to talk. To figure things out. Instead they started arguing. They almost fought. And honestly maybe i should have just let them. Instead because there was a child there i stepped in between them. What gets me though is how this has all become my fault. I now know what the saying no good deed goes unpunished really means. I am sitting here...with a black eye....a bruised cheek.....a shoulder That's out and bruised.... A bruised wrist....and a knot on my head. And i didn't retaliate. I didn't press charges. I understood that this 'friend' was hurting and angry. And most of the people that knew what happened told me to call the cops. Instead i left it alone. And then yesterday i get two threatening text messages....and a call threatening me today. Which upset me to the point of my best friend taking the phone and dealing with the call. Then i'm sitting here tonight-morning and get a rude message in my inbox. And then get a copy and pasted copy of a really rude and be-littleing bulletin. Which isn't directed at just me. On top of that....she doesn't even have her facts straight. My ex who is also a friend is upset by what happened. Can't believe i have bruises. He knows i'm not really a fighter. He also couldn't believe she'd go mess with his ex at her house when her boyfriend wasn't even there. Hello....he even left me a comment on my page about it! So please grow up. I'm done with the bullShit. I'm not involved in it. If i have to i won't talk to anyone involved in the situation. I feel like i'm the person that really wanted to do the right thing.......and somehow It's become my fault. Makes no sense.


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