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Now that I am single again, I am looking at people more differently now than I ever have before. It seems that there are several classes of people.

1) Those that want you for what you have.

2) Those that want to "USE" you as a stepping stone.

3) Those that only want you when things are good.

4) Those that only want you while the $$ flows like water, and you give them "Everything They Want".

5) People that are actually "Normal & Productive"

If we were to make all the people in groups 1-4 disappear, how many people would be left? Now that's the question that needs answered. Say, for instance, all those people that are being used dumped their "User". Gee wouldn't that be traumatic?? NO, that would be a good thing!!.....and why are the people that are left....that treat you decently....that treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated....why does it always seem so impossible to be with that person??

And while I am at it, the Pharmaceutical Companies need to stop making all those "Happy Pills". Simply Grow Up and deal with your issues and problems like everyone else that doesn't take those damn pills. Stop hiding behind pills that alter you, and your perception of reality! That's right people… Learn to just Deal With It! If you are hooked on your "Meds", you are no better than a Drug-Addict, plain & simple!

Now wait just a minute, I know some of you are pissed off at me at this moment, but please understand this... If you really need your Meds, that is a different issue. However if you abuse pills, or really don't need them, that's what I have a problem with. Too many people are on Pills by Mis-Diagnosis and because the Pharmaceutical Companies want to get your $$, no other reason. Some people even go the extra step and buy pills from people regardless of the health risks. Pills were not designed for you so you can avoid life. They were designed to extend life and the quality of that life. No Other Reason!!

Now let's probe a little deeper within Society, why don't we.

If I give you something, I expect nothing in Return! If you desire to take from me, you have another thing coming! I am tired of being run-over and beat-down. Time to adjust this little world of mine :-) and so I am.

1) People need to stop being door-mats, and start being Productive Individuals!

2) If your boss treats you like shit, or like you are an idiot, report that Bitch/Bastard and send a message that it simply won't be tolerated!

3) If your friends don't like what you do and try to direct your life, drop that dumb-ass and find a real friend!

4) If your child acts like a monster, spank that child and teach them respect & manners. It's better than visiting them in Jail or the Morgue because you were afraid of the "Department of Family & Children Services", that's a damn cop-out, and you know it.

5) If you know of one person abusing another, don't just turn your damn head and walk away, get involved and whoop some ass if need be. Only a total looser would abuse another human being!

6) If you are in a relationship that is heading south, stop it right there, it won't get any better. Just leave and move on, counting your blessings and keeping your sanity.

7) Believe in whatever you want to, but FIRST, Believe In Yourself!!

Life is a choice. Everything that you do is a choice. Being right where you are now is a choice. Reading this was a choice. Now for your next choice, you can continue all the bad things you do, or you can choose to change and become a better person. In the end, everything you have experienced has been determined by a single choice. That's right, even if you are in a bad situation, you chose to remain, rather than leave. And to quote a favorite Musical Artist of mine. "What's Love Got To Do With It"? That's just another cop-out!!

Time for everyone to START Choosing WISELY, and loose those damn Blinders. :-)

Stop pointing fingers, stop shifting the blame, and start accepting the choices you have made!!


T.Spenser said…
So you've touched on a topic that even after years of research, some of the answers still would not emerge for people in society today. The lack of solid family values, the "me" society attitudes, the mentality there is a pill for everything has developed into our footprint of the people way have become. I find there are very few who can truly remove there blinders and see how they are impacting not only there only lives with this destructive behavior but demolishing societies as we have known it. It's time we got off our asses and became a more simpler people. Then we could focus on family, others around us, instill family values and not have a need for a "happy pill" I feel we need to reflex back to our grandparents lives as they tried to teach us something we never listened to. I could continue to add to this topic for pages and pages but this my friend is a huge topic of debate today. cheers! spenser
~*~*Nic*~*~ said…
Very well said spens
Aimee Myles said…
I couldn't have said this better myself! Thank you for writing this insanely honest rant post. Lol I love it. I am 24 and manage a 24 hour restaurant with over 40 employees. You would not believe some of the excuses that I have heard because people cannot GROW the hell up and take responsibility for their own actions. I manage people 3 times my age, and still they act like they are still in high school! Some of the relationships I have had have been the same. My 2 year old son has the capability to be more mature than most of the grown adults I know and manage. Best of luck on your relationships. Sometimes, I would rather be single just because I feel like I do it all myself anyways, or so it seems. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve. Period. Will follow your blog. You can find me at

-Aimee :)

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