Tomorrow is the day

So I posted a blog just now....about all the information I found that I thought was relevant for the day....All the things that touched me...that moved me....that made me proud of the fact that I am a Lesbian. That I am out. That I have friends that love and support me no matter what. Then I think about all the hate crimes I read about all the time....and you know what...tomorrow...I'm not going to think about them. I'm going to think about all the positives instead. Like the fact that in some can already be legally married. Have civil unions....and slowly....our own country is coming around. It makes me smile....although yesterday...I cried a lot over it. All of the different stories of the couples rushing to get married....people already making's enough to give me chills again...right now as I write this. So all I really wanted to say today I think about what this day REALLY means to a homosexual. Whether you are and all of us...this is our day. Enjoy it. Support it. Be proud of it. But most of all be proud of WHO YOU ARE!

The following video was done by a really amazing friend of mine...we'll call her Miss Pinkers.
She said she's taken a bit of what everyone has to say about the day...and made this video that way...her videos are always full of messages. The music that she picks to go with what she has to say...whether spoken or written....moves me. I get chills through them....and I tear up. This one was no different. It wasn't didn't have a lot of words...but the words it did have said SO MUCH....Please watch it.....really accept what it means.....and please feel free to comment on it.


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