trust and a wish


Trust is paramount in a relationship between two humans. I recognize that my trust has been a bit heavy for some people to carry, but my trust pays in dividends because not only do I give my all to a relationship, but I am completely loyal and faithful.Even when I have tarnished your trust for me. Even when I’ve violated your trust. I’m sorry. This, I gladly give with all my heart. Break trust between each other and there’s nothing... just apologies, heartbreak and loneliness.

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Lying alone, Feeling sad without knowing why

I feel there’s something missing in the corner of my so called "LIFE"

I know that I don’t wanna live with shadows of my past,

But then, it hunts me down.

Past molded us from what we become right now and then.

Past is something that we should learn from.

Learn how to face the reality

I’ve been living in a fantasy, and too much afraid to take a peek what’s outside

Don’t know whats waiting for me in the real world.

The more I think of it, the more emptiness wrapping up inside me

Its hard to breathe

Don’t know what im looking for

Don’t know what in longing for

Don’t even know where im heading

I wish I knew all the answers

I wish I knew what to do

I wish I knew where to start

But how?

I don’t even know what I want...all but you

I feel so much incomplete

I feel that its too late for me

I know bugging down myself wouldn’t answers any of my questions

I don’t even know what my question is

So lame!


What a waste!

This is just overnight anyway, and it all takes just one sleep

And hoping when I wake up, ill never feel this crap again


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