Monday, September 25, 2006

I never titled this poem any suggestions...
Current mood: hopeful

Although you will never see this

Cause I will never send it

I'm crying so hard inside right now

Because on you I have become dependent

I wait every single day

Just to hear your voice

My heart locked in time

Cause that is my choice

If I could change the way I feel

I wouldn't do it anyways

Cause I want to love you

For the rest of our days

So I will sit here patiently

Waiting for your call

Hoping that I'm somewhere

In your mind if I'm there at all

I hope you miss me so much

That you can't eat or sleep

And I hope that your heart pounds

Every time you hang up with me

I just want to love you

And give all that I can give

I hope you come home soon

So that I can start to live


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