What The Heart Wants

What The Heart Wants
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What The Heart Wants

Though the miles keep us apart
You will forever be in my heart
You've shown me a special love
And it's your touch I can't get enough of
It's our mistakes that have put us where we've come to be
But keep your faith in the love between you and me
I never would have thought I'd feel this way
But I miss you laying next to me until the light of day
My head worries you'll betray me, my heart says never
It says to me we will be together-forever
No matter what people say I'll keep my trust in you
Until it's broken by something you do
You hold my heart in your hands
I hope gentlesness is in your plans
Because whatever you may do
My heart is forever lost to you

Nicky Marie Brookhart

Copyright �2006 Nicky Marie Brookhart


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