why is ten seconds too much of ur time?

I am amazed by the lack of response to the homophobia project. While a small handful are putting themselves out by emailing, posting bulletins, asking friends to get involved and actually going out and filming clips to add to the project, most seem content to sit back and do nothing at all to help.

Its something that may take 5 minutes out of your entire lifetime, but clearly clicking on close screen and ignoring the problem works for most and thats fine, but you can't click a screen and make homophobia go away and maybe thats what you should be thinking about.

People have been physically abused, mentally and verbally abused and even killed just for being gay. I don't think this project will save the world, I don't think that suddenly because of one short film the hate will stop, but I do think that if the message sinks in to just one person and maybe changes their way of thinking then all the blood, sweat and tears being put into this project has been worthwhile.

If you have read this far, thank you, if you want to add your clip to the video then please either email me or watch the video description in the link below, if you want to do nothing it's your choice, but doing nothing doesn't make it go away



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