Things that move me!

a young man's freshly shaved neck
the bark of the neighborhood dog
an old man on a bicycle
a sprinkle of rain on my face
the green of Ireland
my grandmama's voice
the smell of baking bread
the blue of the sky exactly where it meets the blue of the lake
white keds
the memory of my grandmother's dressing table
a hungry person going through the trash bin
blowing bubbles
the thrill I get everytime I cross over the bridge to the city, my city,
a bite into a sweet, juicy peach
the humbleness of watching a person in prayer
a worn cotton floral, just grazing the knee
a child running barefoot in the sand
baby-faced soldiers, being sent off to war
the sun playing on colored glass
someone I love eating off my plate
the smell of fresh cut hay
my Dad's hands
blues music
the likeness of Our Lady
random kindness
old family photos
my Uncle Jimmy reciting poetry
a sky full of stars on a clear night
purity of intention
a soulful man
rocking a baby
my brothers as men
my red quilt~given to me by the domestic violence women's shelter
an Asian rock garden
Bridal Veil falls
watering the garden
cooking for a crowd
the ballet
new snow
the look in the eyes of a loyal dog
white sails billowing on a blue lake
an old '30's Ford, rusting in an overgrown field
the memory of my Tia
a handful of daffodils given by a child
poems written for me, instead of by me
the raw, awakening pain of natural childbirth

the fear and joy of raising sisters without having one
being the only sister
just the four of us
watching my nieces and nephews play in the yard
camping out
magnolia trees
people who surprise me
meteor showers
hair cuts
tanned feet
old pictures
an ice cold beer
jersey knit sheets
going somewhere i've never been
tirelessly dissecting the oddities of family
um...dancing when i'm by myself
my very first girlfriends
outdoor markets
inconvenient truths
powerful ladies
transcendentalist literature
sleeping children
watching my friends become mothers
my mama's
the dooce
discovery HD
learning something i never knew from one of the kids
the gi-normous mystery of space
firm handshakes
casting a line
playing kickball
the net
my new ability to confront people when necessary
emo (i miss you;)
warm wind
bone dry humor
giggle-inspired toots
support (all things implied)
hearing a song that should be on the soundtrack of my life
realizing that 100% of the time, people's feet, in shape, size, and toe structure, somehow reflect personality (yep--talking to you)
finding old friends
making new friends
finding myself

knowing that I'm able to love
knowing that I'm able to heal
knowing that I'm able to be loved

So many things move me.....Here are some Videos that have TRULY touched my heart

This one is of a memorial of a soldier my younger brother served with....

I am honored.

This one is of a great friend....reminds me of good times.....

this one just is sad....

So many things move me
That of stillness I want none.
I want to feel each
Momentary shock course through me;
To know I am alive and
Can be moved.

I want to read words,
Strung together in inspiration
Touching something deep inside of me

I want to hear sounds
Music-melted rhythm
Reaching into me and forcing me
To move

I want to see beauty
In every single thing I spy
Blinding me with unearthly bright
Touching me to move me.

The scent of you bewitches me
Moving me although I stand
Stock still
And I am falling
Towards you
For you
Against you
Until we are still
A terrible stillness
Which is endless though it will
Soon end

I cannot understand
How you move me and yet
Keep me still – trapped. . .
And without hope make me wish for
Forever with and without you


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