Life is so much better thes days. I get to stay home a lot more than I used to. I feel better too. It's nice being in such a rewarding relationship. It's like we are a team instead of trying to exist just independently from one another. I've never had that before....sometimes I'm still in awe of this amazing person. I'm how'd I get so lucky?Anyways I won't take a lot of your time with this.....I just sometimes....I feel so blessed....

I see friends around me that have one bad relationship after another and it so reminds me of my own past. All the bad seeds I had to go throught til I finally found the right person.......I'm blessed. Point blank. There is no other word for it. Anyways as I was saying....sometimes I think that I am beyond blessed and then others I think...well maybe I just finally paid enough dues to have a good relationship. I realize that this isn't makeing a lot of sense to most ppl....but oh well what do you do. lol Anyways just wanted to update anyone who might still be reading my rants. didn't want you to think that I simply disappeared. I just been


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