It's that time of year again.....

The time that no matter what I can seem to pull myself out of whatever funk I'm in and begin being happy again........Then again it could just be the meds talking. lol

So I went back into counseling a lil over a week ago....let's just say it was long over due. With everything that had been happening all at once.....and kept happening...I was beginning to think I had lost my mind. I'm starting to feel better though.....I'm sleeping a lil more through the night...and I'm thankful.

Two days before Thanksgiving we buried Gpa Glenn.....and at least with this one we knew it was coming...we weren't so taken shocked. We were more prepared....and the arrangements were already taken care of. Thank God.

So Wed night I spent awhile getting everything ready for dinner on Turkey day- then Ariel came over....helped me finish up....and we went out. HAD A BLAST!!! Ran into people I hadn't seen since high school too! I soooooooooooo needed it. I've missed my friends. So much. And hadn't realized it til recently.

I really have some amazing people in my life....and instead of trying to always be strong and deal with everything myself I need to remember that. I'm no longer pissed off at God. I got through that....lots and lots of prayer let me tell ya. I've read my Bible more in the last two weeks than probably in the last year. I've had to. It was that or go crazy.

So Turkey day I was up at 5am....COOKING! lol I made three pies....a German chocolate cake for my dad....turkey...ham....sweet bean beans in the crock pot.....scalloped corn.....home made noodles......homemade mashed potatoes....gravy.....and god I don't even know what else. lol It was a great day. My co-worker Mark and his other half Dawn came family was there....we had friends in and out all day. It was perfect. What made it so perfect? We were together....and we knew to be thankful for it.

Then I put my tree up this weekend! I love Christmas...I'm driving poor Mark crazy at work with the Christmas carols already. lol What can I say...if anything get me out of a funk it's this time of year....although I do hate the cold and the snow. lol Coming outside to my door being frozen shut on my car this morning wasn't exactly fun.

I'm guessing this seems like a lot of rambling....and well it usually is....but I guess I just wanted everyone to know I'm okay. I haven't went off the deep end yet...I haven't decided to literally throw in the towel. I'm taking it one day at a time....and God willing that'll be enough to get through it all.


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