What I saw today....

So Ariel and I went to lunch today at the Gyro House here in Quincy....right after we left the travel agency of course. Okay so we're sitting there minding our own business when what did I spy out of the corner of my left eye? So the waitress walks over to a table and freaking bends over in front of a table of three men. Like she would be bending over to pick something up. Now that isn't even really the kicker what the kicker is that she let them take a picture of her ass. It isn't just a table full of men though. It's a table of three state patrol officers. That's right folks our lovely local law enforcement here in the great state of illinois was happily taking a picture of our waitresses ass. And she was letting them. Never fear though...I got pics. lol So what did we learn today boys and girls.....our tax money is hard at work as always. HA!


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