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Lately I've noticed that people seem to be getting mad/pissed off at me for things that are totally out of my control for one....or because they don't feel they are getting the attention they need/deserve from me. Or maybe......I've just seriously ignored them.

If you are one of those ppl that have felt that way lately let me say firstly that I haven't intentionally ignored you....put you on the back burner.....or forgot about you. My life is seriously crazy right now. As if it could be anything other than that.

Anyone that knows me knows that my life is perpetually insane. I don't usually let most ppl in on everything that is going on in it though. What is so crazy to how ppl always seem to know though...or they find out somehow. And yet a lot of times...I hear nothing from them.....not even an are you ok? I was told recently that when everything was going on back in October/November...that a lot of ppl saw the interview I did on the news about my uncle..... In case you don't know that is a Uncle is David Jones...He was murdered in a fire in October of last year....the Murder trial is ongoing....the next date is set for Febuary's some more on that.....

David R. Jones
David R. Jones, 42, of Quincy, died Saturday (Oct. 25, 2008) at his home. The son of Glenn D. and Ella Mae Buford Jones, he was born Feb. 3, 1966, in Quincy. He graduated from the Quincy High School in 1985 and from the Quincy Technical Schools in 1987 with a degree in computer technology. He was working as a security guard through PerMar Security at Gardner Denver in Quincy at the time of his death. He enjoyed working with computers, playing video games, fishing, playing pool and darts, and especially enjoyed spending time with his family. David is survived by his father, Glenn, of Quincy; brothers and sister, Bob Brookhart and wife, Judi, of Quincy, Donna Jo Keith of Quincy, and Banner Keith Sr. and Shelly Leckbee of Quincy; nieces and nephews, Nicky Brookhart, Robert Brookhart, Randy Hebel Jr., Shawn Schroder, Kevin Gerding, Banner Keith Jr., Levi Cook and Corey Leckbee; aunts, uncles and cousins, John and Nancy Simmons of Center, Mo., and son, Joey Woienz; Donna and John Brickey of Emerson, Mo., and children, Dion and Lisa Parrish, Randy and August Parrish and Ranea and Brian Gibson; and lifelong friend, Ernest Brandhan of Maywood, Mo. He was preceded in death by his grandparents and his mother. SERVICES: 10 a.m. Wednesday at Hudson-Rimer Funeral Chapel in Edina, Mo. Burial will be in the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery north of Edina. VISITATION: 6-8 p.m. Tuesday in the Hudson-Rimer Funeral Chapel in Edina. MEMORIALS:
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American Cancer Society. Memorials can be sent to the Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home, 408 E. Morgan St., Edina, MO 63537 ARRANGEMENTS: Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home in Edina, Mo. Condolences may be expressed online at

The full impact of Saturdays apartment fire which took the life of David Jones has yet to set in for his family. They say Jones, who was soft spoken and smart, loved the outdoors and computers. Although his life may have been taken, his spirit lives on.
My uncle wouldn't hurt anybody. He was the soft spoken, quiet, smart one of the family. Everybody that knew him, not just our family, is in complete shock because you always think that it's never going to happen to you," said Nicky Brookhart.
Brookhart says that what makes this death even more tragic is that David Jones ordinarily wouldn't have been home early on a Saturday morning.
He actually switched his shift and worked Thursday night instead of Friday night like he was supposed to," included Brookhart.
Jones was a family man who enjoyed life's simple pleasures like shooting pool and going fishing.
"Family was really important to him. He liked to play pool and darts. He and my dad used to go fishing. He would go with his other brothers. He liked to be outside and if it wasn't that he wanted to be on the computer or playing video games," said Nicky Brookhart.
As difficult as this process has been for the family of David Jones, they know they aren't the only ones mourning the loss of a loved one.
"This didn't just affect us. It affected the other family that lost two members of their family and could have lost three. I think they had a brother that lived there as well. We just have to go forward each day and not let it consume us," said Brookhart.

yes that's me....talking about my uncle.......
reading that...watching that video again.....brought me close to tears.....

I don't know what brought all that up....maybe it's the fact that the jury trial starts on the 6th of next month....and then again on the 17th. I'm ready for it. I'm ready for it to be over with. I know it won't be for a very long time though.

I recently got a tattoo....all up my's a memorial to my Uncle David...and I think he would have liked it. He'd be proud of it....if for no other reason than I endured two and a half hours of just outlining/shading....and don't even have the color on it yet. I imagine that's going to take another couple hours at least.

Anyways back to the life........
I'm working non-stop.......meaning like 7days a week ppl and most days like today I'm not off work til 4pm....and then I have class Mon-Thurs from 6pm- 10:30pm.....I'm tired. I'm exhausted. and I'm still trying to make sure that I have enough time for my friends and family.

If I'm not.....please know that I'm sorry. I love you all....and I'm just trying to make a better life for myself. I Love you all.


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