Dreams....what do they mean?

So lately....I've been dreaming a lot.

I realize that everyone dreams nightly....even when we don't remember the dreams. It's happening. It's your REM sleep.


I don't usually dream about my actual daily life....or my future for that matter. I think I stopped doing that years and years ago. Instead I've always had your funny types of dreams, of randomness that never really amounted to anything unless of course you wanted to get all freudian on me. lol Also I've had my repeated nightmares that have been reoccuring since I was in about 4th grade or younger. Then there are the ones of my Uncle David, of the fire. Of the building. All that stuff.

Then there are the new ones, ones about my actual life. They are kind of freaking me out a bit. Seriously. So what's it mean? What's it mean to actually be dreaming of my future. Not in the this is what I want for my future kind of way...but actually having dreams of what my future may bring. At night while I'm sleeping....is this my subconcious's way of saying get it together? Or do I finally have it together enough to allow myself to think of my future in realistic terms?

Can I just say that seriously I give myself headaches sometimes?

I mean really.
Okay I'm done.
Enough with the dream thinking today. I think I started writing about it today to try and make sense of it....it's not really working though.

Did I mention it's Uncle David's Birthday?
He would have been 43. Today. Instead he's in a grave. I'm done for the day.


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