Let's talk roommates shall we?

So I was thinking earlier, about how lucky I am to have such amazing roomies. I know I know....you either hear that all the time, or never. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium when it comes to sharing living quarters w/ppl. I see sites talking about how to co-habitate peacefully....and realistically.

Anyways back to why I'm writing....I really wanted to talk about my roommates tonight. and yes I say night, when actually some would say it's morning since it's after 12 am. But hey, I'm at work, so to me it's night, and yes, before anyone says anything I'm writing at work. However I'm on light duty, sitting in a patients room, and trying to stay awake, so therefore it is allowed! lol

Once again I got sidetracked with a story, anyone else notice how much I do this in real life? It was pointed out to me recently that I really do it quite a bit. Ugh.

So my roommates are April and Jenny. Hmmmmm Do I talk about them separately or together? Lets start separate shall we? Let's start with the one I've known the longest as well.....

Jenny is a pain. lol I say this with love though. No honestly Jenny-Jen-Jen as I like to call her is one of my best friends. If I need something she's there, If I need to talk, she's there, If I need to cry, shout, scream, or have a breakdown in general....I know she's gonna be there. We actually met a lil over two years ago.....via Simmetry. Yes, yes, my cell phone carrier. At the time I had a ghetto ass phone that constantly broke down, gave me fits, and pissed me off overall on a daily basis. Soon it was doing the same thing for her. I think she said at one time that it's the only phone she was never able to fix. In lew of that, she got me an amazing deal on my next phone, and it's continued ever since. (side note...I currently have a new Nokia E63, and LOVE IT!) Anyways, seeing as how we are both Lesbians, we hit it off. Not gonna lie there was a small crush on my side at first, which I QUICKLY got over. lol Looking back now, I don't know how it even started. We've been through a lot together already, I accidentally got her outed at work, we've buried family, been through god knows how many break ups, hook ups, and all together stupidness together. Hell within a week of knowing one another we had gone skinny dipping and she has the insane pictures to prove it. I honestly don't think the two of us ever thought we'd be roommates, She is at times a real slob, and well anyone that knows me knows how freaking OCD I am about cleaning. Lord knows my father wishes I had been this way as a kid. She's matured though, and turned out most of the mess from her old apartment was from an ex we don't speak of. I had to learn to mellow out some, and I think I've accomplished this fairly well in the last couple years. I don't feel the need to clean just because I'm home anymore. Which is kind of a nice switch. I'm glad my home life is no longer consumed by constant cleaning. Anyways back to the story at hand. Jenny has grown, and I've mellowed, and I can't imagine her not being my roommate now. I love her, she really has become family.

Roommate number two I haven't known nearly as long, However I feel like I've known her forever. Weird huh? April is Jenny's girlfriend, and honestly I love her to death. I can't imagine Jenny with anyone but her, crazy I know. They haven't been together an insane amount of time or anything, but it's the comfort that you can feel between the two of them. It's literally comforting being around them. Don't get me wrong, there are times they are so mushy they make me sick and I tell them to get a room, they say we have two, I say use one. lol We're all a little off, guess that's why we are friends. April is what I think of when someone says free spirit. Not in the hippy, trippy, dippy kind of way either. No, in the way I think of someone that is just open. She hadn't been with a girl before Jenny, and how she wasn't I dunno, maybe God was just waiting to bring the two of them together. She is a lesbian, and if anyone wants to say anything differant then they can talk to me about it. Seriously. I know I know....believe me I know. I used to have I hate the straight girls syndrome. Ask her...she says the first time she came around the group I gave her the stink eye, and believe me, I did. Well hell, nobody warned me and Jenny already had one straight girl issue going on that I totally DID NOT approve of, So when a second was brought into the situation I was just done. HOWEVER, my feelings have apparently changed. I love April, She's like my second child, and I TOTALLY approve. Gotta say I'm pretty darn happy things worked out the way they did with the two of them. Like I said...God had a hand in it.

So then there's the three of us living together.....which I know still shocks some people, some say you should never live with a couple, but really, who else we gonna live with? We really are a family. They call me Mama for Christ's sake. lol I'm mama weenie, April is Mistress weenie, and Jenny, well she's Cheesy weenie. We're one big weenie family. It isn't perfect believe me, and I'm sure at some point one of us is going to do something to drive the others crazily insane, but it works. The reason? We're adults, we talk about things when they aggravate and irritate us, we don't let them drive us apart and make us become enemies instead of friends. We've all seen it happen, in some cases to us, and we know to not let that happen again. We learn from our mistakes. We respect each others privacy, and hey, we have different schedules, so it isn't like we are always up one another's behinds. Which is probably part of the reason it works so well. I work 3rd shifts at the hospital, and soon school will be starting. Jenny works bankers hours, and April, well we never know what she's working since she has like 3 part time jobs AND goes to school full time. We all live our lives. Not always together, but not always separately. To me the most successful roommates are people who ARE friends before hand, who DO include each other in their lives, and who make one another family, and hey, we have that down pat!

To all of you out there that aren't lucky enough to have roommates like mine, I am truly sorry, to those of you that are....embrace them! Because we are all truly blessed!!


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