I did not sleep soundly at all. I was slow to wake so I had to take a QUICK shower and fly out the door to work after breakfast. I spent hours on my feet, constantly shifting to stay comfortable. If it wasn't my knee it was my back, neck, shoulders or my constantly muscle spasming legs. After consulting with the doctor last time and describing recent symptoms, she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and PCOS. Great, I thought to myself, another diagnosis to add to the ever growing list. Sigh. When does the list stop growing? The doctor and I went over my current meds and talked about options. Together we decided on a low dose of Neurotin to start, and to move onto Lyrica if no change. Next, I hobbled to my car and proceeded back to home. Now . . .I am back home, made dinner for my clan and have been trying to catch up on some emails but my shoulders are killing me again. I hate having fibro. I HATE it. It limits my life, isolates me at times and causes no small amount of pain. If pain were a food it would be the most disgusting thing ever. It would smell horrible and taste worse. Fibro is like that. It can be horrible and get even worse. I am so angry at times with people who say they think those of us with fibro are faking or lazy. I would love to have a day pain-free. I want out of Fibroland. I do not like the rides, there are not enough bathrooms (for those of us with IBS), it is either too hot or too cold, too bright or too loud, always too something! The food is gluten free, fat free, low carb, lactose free, and taste free (at least to me). The cost, now the cost is way to high. You have heard of an arm and a leg? Well fibro costs you your life and more $ than you'll ever think possible! I so want out. Well, that is my rant for tonight.
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