Working through the Fibro....

Yes I know, still not the blog I promised. However life happens as we all know, and I promise you that I am getting to it. Don't give up on me yet, just listen to me vent once or twice more. lol. As many of you know I've been sick this last week, 7 days and counting at this point. Well even though I have a doctors excuse my job is now at risk.  Lovely. UGH! I go to work every day when I'm scheduled and even fill in for extra shifts on the days I'm not, on top of taking extra weekends. I cannot believe how ungodly sick I am.  I'm laying in bed, with my room completely blacked out, no TV, no noise, nothing.  I tried to go trick or treating with the kids and my grandson tonight, it was okay for awhile, until out of nowhere I started vomiting.  I know I know, too graphic.  Unfortunately that's all I got right now.  All of my symptoms. just keep adding more and more on top of what I already have.  Sorry folks but the fact that I finally got antibiotics last night, and have been up vomiting every since has given me not only a headache but a bad attitude. UGH! Sorry folks. I'm just mad. Mad that I am still sick and tired and mad that because of it I am probably going to be jobless. Yet again. !@#$%^


Displaced said…
Oh I do feel for you! Stress, infection, a virus - all these things make FMS worse and being a cooperative little villian FMS makes everything else worse too!

I hope your husband is being lovely to you!

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