Nicky's Symptoms

  • ·         Migraine that never goes away.

o   INSANE migraines that last for days and weeks and will put me in bed for days
  • ·         Chronic Pain
  • ·         Chronic Fatigue

o   ALWAYS tired
  • ·         Neck Pain
  • ·         Unsteady Walking

o   Balance Issues
o   Trip on my own feet
  • ·         Poor hand coordination/fine motor skills

o   It’s becoming hard to do much with my hands for long periods. 
§  I can no longer crochet L
  • ·         Twitching of left hand

o   Thumb and pinky primarily
  • ·         Numbness & tingling of the hands and feet

o   So bad that they wake me in the middle of the night
  • ·         Constant dizziness

o   Especially when I stand
  • ·         Difficulty Swallowing

o   Sometimes accompanied by gagging, choking & Vomiting
§  I can choke just taking a drink, which will turn into a huge coughing fit and sometimes the previous.
  • ·         Vision problems             

o   Blurry or double vision
o   I see stars a lot as well
  • ·         Speech problems

o   Hoarseness, I wake up with a sore throat daily and sound sick when I’m not.
o   I also fumble my words which is truly embarrassing.
  • ·         Ringing or buzzing in the ears
  • ·         Weakness

o   My left arm sometimes feels completely useless
  • ·         Slow heart rhythm

o   They’ve even had to palpitate to get my blood pressure at times
  • ·         Palpitations
  • ·         Haziness in my left eye a lot
  • ·         Slurred speech
  • ·         Memory issues

o   Can’t remember huge chunks of my life
o   Can’t remember things from a day before at times
o   Constantly have to make lists
  • ·         Cold Extremities at all times
  • ·         Twitching muscles/ eye etc
  • ·         CONSTANT pain in legs
  • ·         Always feel foggy
  • ·         Buckling knees
  • ·         Fainting
  • ·         Locking/Popping Jaw
  • ·         Hurts to turn head since accident
  • ·         Legs and arms randomly fall asleep
  • ·         Sciatic Pain all the time

o   Lower back always hurts
  • ·         Constipation



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